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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My New Find!

You know, I am surrounded by some BRILLIANT people!! My new find this week that I want to share is:

A customized Day Planner from Walmart


This brilliant little plan must be given with all credit to my friend Kristen.

Kristen "the Walmart hater."

She was at a meeting with me and she whips out her dayplanner with her gorgeous little boy on the cover. "Where did you get that?" I exclaimed with glee!

She then informs me that the Walmart Photo lab makes custom dayplanners for dirt cheap.

"But you hate Walmart?" Yes, yes, she does! However, she will buy the day planners from them.

So, the beginning of the year rolled around and I debated. $60 to refill my Franklin OR $13.95 for a custom day planner!! We have a winner, winner chicken dinner!

So, I slapped on my favorite picture, had it printed up and then had Kristen mouth to me "copy cat" at church when she noticed my new arrival sitting on my lap.
Whatever! Thanks for sharing!


Mary said...

I will have to check out our wal-mart photo lab. I sure hope we can get these day planners.

marisa said...

I want one! Can I copy cat you?

Julie Harward said...

Hi, we just connected yesterday and then I saw this blog of yours too..we do have things in common..I have 3 adopted children...through an attorney in Los Angelos CAL. your little girl is so cute! :D