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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Preparing for Trek: Daniel Henrie's Story

Tonight for Young Womens, I was going to take the girls out walking, but have had strong impressions to need to talk about history and heritage. Everyone has a history of how they came to the United States or Salt Lake City. As I have been preparing myself for Trek, I have been researching my own heritage, which gets richer and richer every time I find more. I want my Young Women to have the same experience. My goal is that when they are walking in Wyoming this summer, their spirits can be in tune with the spirits that were part of the Pioneer Trek.

So today, for my family and for my Young Women, I would like to tell part of the story of Daniel Henrie. In this picture, Daniel is the first man on the left sitting down.

Daniel Henrie, eldest child of William and Myra Mayall Henrie was born 15 November 1825 in Hamilton County, Ohio. (He is my great, great, Grandfather). Daniel was a farmer and a miller in his native state of Ohio and he lived with his partents until he was 17 years old. In the year of 1841 the family embraced Mormonism and soon after moved from Ohio to Nauvoo, Illinois, where the Saints were located. Daniel had not been converted to the teachings of Mormonism so he remained in Ohio. A year later, he joined his family in Illinois and after listening to the Prophet Joseph Smith speak on several occasions, he became interested and a short time later was baptized in the Mississippi River.

After the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph, Daniel witnessed a remarkable incident which strengthened his faith in the Gospel. While the members were struggling to hold the church membership together in unity, Brigham Young, who was the Senior member of the Apostles, arose to speak to an assembly of church. During his address he suddenly appeared to look like the Propeht and his voice sounded like Joseph's and many in the audience bore testimony that they thought it was the Propeht speaking. This incident was referred to as the "Mantle of Joseph falling upon Brigham Young." The Saints accepted it as a sign from God that Brigham was to be the leader of the Church.

Mob persecutions increased until their treatment became unbearable, and speedy preparations were made to leave Nauvoo and go West where they could worship according to the teachings of their leaders.

I will stop there for now, Daniels story continues on with more incredible stories. I truly believe that our families that were Pioneers had a very unique strength and endurance that I would like to be part of. They were incredible people and I am over joyed to learn their stories.


David and Angie said...
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danhenrie said...

I thought I would drop you a quick line, My name is Daniel Henrie, and the Daniel Henrie you spoke of in your story is my Great great great (I think its three) grandfather, I found your blog randomly while searching for stuff on myself. I have a large Family in Utah most of them living in Lehi. I live in San Jose but its always fun to find another family member there are so few of us, anyway shote me a line if you need anything i have a lot of family history stuff if your interested